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"My journey to the motherland was more enjoyable than I ever expected and more.Wow what an exciting adventure! I received so many joyful smiles and kind greetings from our African brothers and sisters that welcomed us back home. I loved my journey to Africa. Thanks Cheryl for all your efforts.

Mary Lee, San Francisco, CA ...October 2012

"Dear Cheryl, thank you for the adventure of a lifetime.Words can't express the depth of the knowledge we gained on this trip. We will ever be grateful to you for planning this grand experience. What an excellent job of planning each detail! In anticipation of what new adventure awaited us, we eagerly went to each location on the trip. Wow! You are truly the best! We will forever remember this wonderful experience...may God continue to bless you and the things that you do.

The Bruces, Hollister, CA ...October 2012

"Now that the dust has settled, Lacey and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful and unforgettable vacation to East Africa. We have talked about the trip every day since our return home. Your planning was absolutely superb, well thought out and the trip was well beyond our expectations. Lacey and I will have lifetime memories of the safari, our visit to the Maasai boma, Oldupai Gorge, sitting by the campfire with the Maasai...just to name a few of the wonderful adventures you had in store for us...and then topping it off with a sunset cruise on the Indian can't get any better than that...It was amazing from start to finish...our kindest and best regards,

D. Davenport & L. Miller, Santa Clara, CA...November 2012

"Gosh, typically I would not have engaged a travel agent for a domestic trip but, I am soooooo glad that I did. I wanted to attend the San Jose Jazz Fest and did not have needed information on the festival, the city, hotels, where to eat, etc. Myself and other attendees were picked up from the airport and transported to the hotel in under 30 minutes. When it was time to leave, I called the driver and 15 minutes later he was in the lobby ready to load passengers and the luggage.

Because Cheryl (Owner) was so knowledgeable about the venue and city, every recommended eatery, vendor and other requested information was right on point, without fail. I am so grateful for this because I met a hostess of another tour group who brought 35 seniors to this event without telling them that they would need to bring a folding chair or blanket. (event is held on the downtown city streets of San Jose) Since they arrived so late and was there for the one-day only, it did not appear they would have enough time to purchase these items and get back to the location in time to secure a decent spot on the grassy area near the stage. I don"t know what they did because you needed one or the other. Well, I had been so well briefed by Cheryl, my group and I had a magical experience for the entire three days, without a glitch.

Cheryl passed out flyers for her upcoming international destinations and I assure you I will be sending my deposit in as soon as I decide which destination I would like to participate. If you would like to attend jazz festivals, blues festivals domestically or internationally, you can't go wrong with her services. She also offer wonderful tours to most international destinations for traditional vacation experiences. Any time a travel agency would put so much love and passion into a domestic venue I can only imagine how much enjoyment I will get out of her international destinations. See you soon Cheryl!

E. Luckett, Los Angeles, CA...August 2013

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